Fees and Terms

Hotel reservations and front desk reports: The base fee varies according to the KTN format you select, the number of reports per location per month, and the duration of the commitment (as in a one-time order, monthly, or annual.)  Fees run from $25 to $39 per scored shop call report, per month, with a minimum of 4 secret shopper reports per location.

  • “Targeted” Format: Shop calls are placed during times when agents are most likely to answer; additional attempts are made if necessary.
  • “Shop the Experience” Format: Mystery shoppers complete the report for whoever answers during designated shifts and time ranges.

Hotel sales and catering sales mystery shopping:  Pricing varies greatly according to the complexity of the sales reports needed and also the type of shop (voice, email or meeting planning platform inquiry.) These typically run $75 to $139.

To receive pricing information and a proposal reach our corporate offices in Davie, FL between the hours of 9am and 5pm Eastern Time Zone at 866.922.4662 or via email at: [email protected]