Whereas in the past hoteliers had to worry that “an unhappy guest might tell as many as 9-10 others…” today’s guests can become the hotel’s biggest advocates or worst nightmares. With the proliferation of online guest reviews at websites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp and OTA’s, and with the explosion of social media postings, the level of hospitality and guest service efficiency provided to real guests is “transparent” for potential future guests to see. In short, a hotel’s service level is now part of marketing and public relations. These workshop experiences help frontline colleagues understand both why and how they need to make it an ordinary, daily occurrence for guests to experience extraordinary hospitality excellence.

Creating Hospitality Excellence, DAILY!

Fundamental Principles of Hospitality Excellence

Participants gain exposure to KTN’s “Fundamental Principles of Hospitality Excellence,” helping them understand the “What’s in it for me?” from their own perspective. In short, when colleagues deliver extraordinary hospitality, they meet much nicer guests, they experience a far more pleasant work environment, and they have a lot more fun at work! This segment covers concepts such as “Hospitality is more than a series of communications techniques; it is a philosophy for daily living,” “Bringing out the best in others brings out the best in ourselves,” “Using your power of release when encountering difficult people,” and “The road to hospitality excellence is a joy ride!”

The Customer Circle of Life.

Next, the workshop experience takes participants through an exploration of each “step” in cycle of service model that KTN calls “The Customer Circle of Life.” This starts with their initial phone call prior to arrival, through their arrival experience, the first few moments in the accommodation, life as an in-house guest and onward to the fond farewell at departure. During this segment the more traditional hospitality communication techniques necessary for guest service excellence are covered.

Conquering Complaints: The Carrot Model™

This workshop provides a refreshing alternative to the recycled “service recovery” content of too many other hospitality programs. The KTN trainer first emphasizes just how important it is to properly receive and respond to guest complaints in the era of social media. Next, Doug Kennedy’s Carrot Model™ is presented, helping attendees understand the root cause of complaints is the uniquely human need for “validation.” Participants then explore the various personality types of those who complain as well as those who respond. Finally, a menu of real-world approaches and tactics that can be used by all are shared.

Delivery Details

These hotel hospitality training programs are presented in a half-day format that is repeated to allow for staff coverage. It is a highly engaging and interactive workshop experiences that are fun to attend.

For first time clients, as part of the installation of this program, KTN trainers arrive prior to training for an introductory – familiarization meeting. We offer advice about measuring results of the hotel hospitality training program and staff recognition or incentives for ongoing training reinforcement.

As with all KTN hotel training workshops, the content is customized for the needs of the client hotel or lodging company based on their market segment, property type, brand or company standards, and any unique operational needs.

KTN’s hospitality training workshops all draw from the content of Doug Kennedy’s book on guest service excellence.

So You REALLY Like Working With People?: Five Principles For Hospitality Excellence.

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