KTN’s Core Hotel Reservations Sales Training Program Is Entitled Hotel Reservations QUEST. Advanced Level Reservations Sales Programs Are Also Available.

In addition to on-site training, all topics are delivered virtually via private, live, small group webcam events. Trainers present full-screen, and use activities to engage participants, who are encouraged to also be on webcam. KTN’s unique style is as close as possible to traditional training.

Hotel Reservations QUEST

When it comes to information, the balance of power has shifted to the caller’s side of the equation. In the past, most had very little information from a brochure, directory, or guide book, so front desk and hotel reservations sales agents were trained to find out if the caller was familiar with the hotel and the primary purpose of their visit.  Then, based on a “business” or “leisure” scenario, agents were trained to use a “positioning statement” or what today is called a “30-second commercial.”

Today’s web-surfing callers have done extensive research prior to dialing; many are online while on the phone.  They no longer want to hear a scripted list of features. Instead, in KTN’s Hotel Reservation QUEST sales training, agents learn a new process of Investigative QUESTioning to “unmask” the callers “story” and to determine where they are in their decision making process.  The program then uses the Hotel Value Pyramid as a model to explain where to start building value based on the caller’s existing knowledge. Participants are encouraged to use a “Storytelling Approach” to allure and entice the caller, rather than listing, informing, and notifying. QUEST also covers traditional concepts such as Telephone Hospitality and Securing The Sale, encouraging a “conversational” as opposed to “transactional” approach.

Delivery Details

Ideally, QUEST is delivered via an on-site training experience, as hotel reservations is a revenue-generating department and even a small increase in call conversion can have a huge impact on profits.  (For clients exclusively seeking remote online learning options, KTN offers a private, three-part webinar series delivered just for your staff.)

On-site training is available in various formats including full-day, which is ideal more time is allowed for activities and exercises, or a half-day format that is repeated to allow for staff coverage.  (A two-day workshop format is also available by request.)

All KTN hotel training workshops are highly interactive; participants are regularly engaged in training games, team activities, role-playing, and group exercises.

For first time clients, KTN trainers hold an introductory and familiarization meeting on the afternoon prior to the workshop if travel time allows, or held remotely via webinar, during which advice is offered for: Measuring reservation sales productivity, providing staff recognition or incentives, and using KTN’s resources for ongoing, in-house reinforcement.

Advanced Reservations Sales Skills Module

Due to the advances in revenue management tactics, quoting rates and explaining rate restrictions has become extremely challenging.  At the same time, today’s savvy callers have surfed multiple distribution channels such as OTA’s and affiliate websites. Due to rate transparency, they already know your rates as well as those of the competition.

Therefore, today’s agents are required to convey the most complex rate structures and availability restrictions in the history of lodging to the most educated callers our industry has ever had.

Building on the concepts presented in KTN’s Hotel Reservations QUEST as a foundation, Advanced Reservations Sales Skills provides practical tactics that apply every day in real-world calls.

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KTN’s Strategies For Reservations Sales Success Via Email and Click-To-Chat

Upscale and luxury resorts in particular, along with vacation rental companies, report that these days there as many inquiries coming in via email and chat as there are via voice. Unfortunately, too many agents overlook this opportunity to connect with web-surfing prospects, and instead reply with responses that read as if they are sent by a “website search help desk.” In other words, too many agents simply reply with the same rates and property details that the caller has already seen online at the hotel’s website.

Therefore, this interactive workshop presents simple, easy to use tips for responding with authentic messaging to personalize what are otherwise “boilerplate” templated responses.  Participants come to recognize that email and chat are simply new means for us to connect with prospective guests. They learn to use the same concepts as QUEST trains them to use for voice callers to capture more direct bookings from inquiries originating via email and chat.