For hotel reservations, group sales, catering and event sales and front desk hospitality. KTN’s hotel telephone mystery shopping can be used as a stand-alone service, or packaged as a customized training solution including traditional, on-site training and/or private remote live webinars. Contact us for a complimentary sample telephone mystery shopping report, or for a reasonable fee you can engage Doug Kennedy for a comprehensive, initial sales assessment.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

KTN’s  Operational Model Was Built To Overcome  Challenges Inherent In Hotel Reservations Mystery Shopping

  • To avoid voice recognition, a diverse mix of front desk or hotel reservations mystery shopping callers are used on a rotating basis.
  • Each client’s designated Reservations Coach is responsible for scoring of their specific hotel shop call reports, thus ensuring accuracy.
  • With KTN’s “Targeted” format, each front desk or reservations colleague is mystery shopped every month the designated number of times. If desired, KTN can avoid shopping overflow call centers.

Personalized Training Tips, Including A Personalized Video Training Message Of The Month

  • Rather than just reporting on what agents did or did not do, KTN’s hotel shop call reports include coaching tips specific to each call, offering suggestions and examples.
  • Also included is a personalized video training message of the month, addressing your front desk or reservations team directly. The messages include suggestions for improving any needs areas identified and personal commendations for those who did well. Here is a sample: PLAY VIDEO
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Customized Call Scoring Criteria

  • Rather than having a “one size fits all” approach, KTN’s President Doug Kennedy works personally to customize the call scoring criteria for each new client. If desired, your current criteria can be used “as is.” Alternatively, KTN’s “baseline criteria” for each department can be adjusted, meaning adding, deleting, or editing any definitions.

Convenient “Push” Delivery Email System Links To Checklists And Audio Recordings

  • As soon as each client’s designated KTN Reservations Coach scores a hotel mystery shop call, results are sent via an email including a link to view the checklist, the coaching tips, and to play the audio recording.

Detailed Trend Reports Including “By Agent Trends”

  • As soon as the last hotel shop call has been scored for the month, detailed Monthly Summary Reports are pushed out the designated distribution list, so that busy executives do not have to log-in to see results. Departmental managers can identify any gaps as indicated on the “YTD By Criteria” report and retrain the team as needed.
  • KTN also includes a “By Agent Trend Report” showing the results “By Criteria” for each agent, so that individuals can be coached by their manager on specific needs areas.

Dual Scoring Model For “Quality” and “Technical” Performance (Optional)

  • If you have used hotel reservations or front desk “secret shopper” services in the past, you might have encountered a high-scoring shop that – when you listened the recording – did not sound so good. That’s why KTN offers the option of having your Reservations Coach also assign a separate letter grade for “Quality,” reflecting authenticity, personalization and enthusiasm. (Note that the “Quality” score is optional for clients who prefer a more traditional approach to telephone mystery shopping.

Additional Details Regarding Hotel Sales and Catering Sales Mystery Shopping

  • Traditional “voice” mystery shopping is available for hotel sales and catering sales. However, since most leads for these departments originate via electronic sources, KTN also offers mystery shopping via email and via platforms such as CVENT.
  • To avoid detection, KTN rotates through a diverse list of email addresses, some of which are tied to domains and even websites from both fictitious and real world planners.
  • KTN also rotates “call back” phone numbers to avoid detection.
  • Group / function profiles are created in collaboration with the client in order to match the demographics of each hotel or resort.