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Reinventing The Welcome When You Install Self Check-in

For decades now, some hoteliers and many hotel tech providers have been pushing hotel guests to embrace self check-in procedures. I first heard of this concept as a budding young entrepreneur floating my business plan for a hotel industry training company to the top minds in lodging. The year was 1989 and my [...]

The New CHH Train-the-Trainer Installation Webinar

KTN Press Release Regarding The New CHH Train-the-Trainer Installation Webinar Doug Kennedy Announces Updates To Program For Front Desk Staff To Become 'Certified in the Heart of Hospitality.' Doug Kennedy, who is the President of Kennedy Training Network, Inc., (KTN) says "Now more than ever, your guests' experience at the front desk impacts [...]

Train Your Front Desk Colleagues To Be ‘Memory Makers’

Trends In Reservations Inquiry Call Volumes: Is There More To The Numbers? As Published Previously at 4Hoteliers The front desk colleagues at your hotel are creating first impressions that set the tone for the entire guest’s stay every shift, every day, whereas in the past, first impressions were made by a voice reservations [...]

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