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Validation: The Missing Component of Service Recovery

As a frequent business traveler, I encounter my share of gaps in service that I need to bring to the attention of the staff of hotels, airlines, and rental car providers. On top of that, my ears are always open to listen-in on what the frontline service providers say to my fellow travelers. [...]

Train Your Team On Language Of Hospitality Excellence

As a frequent traveler, I often hear hospitality staff saying common phrases, seemingly with the best of intentions. These phrases are spoken by staff at all levels of hotels, but it is most surprising to hear them used at upscale and luxury hotels which one would presume are particularly obsessed with hospitality excellence. [...]

Hospitality Delivered By Humans Will Prevail

Hospitality Delivered By Humans Will Prevail Being in the business of hotel hospitality training, I’m always eager to keep up on the latest trends, so I read HNN along with many other publications and blogs daily.  As I scan the headlines for topics in my wheelhouse, anything with the words “guest service,” “hospitality,” [...]

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