Telephone Mystery Shopping Articles

Telephone Mystery Shopping Articles

Reservations Mystery Shopping Criteria

Is Your Reservations Mystery Shopping Criteria Stuck In The 1990’s When conducting reservations sales audits for a diversity of hotels, resorts and lodging companies of all types I frequently am exposed to their existing mystery shopping criteria as part of the review. As a result I get to peek behind the scenes and [...]

Best Practices for Hotel Telephone Mystery Shopping

Best Practices for Hotel Telephone Mystery Shopping If your hotel or call center is like most in the industry, chances are that you experienced a notable resurgence in phone inquiries for hotel reservations. Part of this might be attributed to the increase in demand, but there are other factors at play. One factor [...]

Mastering Telephone Sales Mystery Shopping

Mastering Your Telephone Sales Mystery Shopping Program With most hotels and call centers seeing an increase in inquiry calls as demand rebounds in markets, it is more important than ever for your frontline sales representatives to maximize their call conversions and total revenue sold vs. goal. Depending on the type of lodging operation [...]

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