Reservations Training Articles

Reservations Training Articles

Upping Your Game At Selling Experiences, Not Rooms!

As everyone who fields reservations inquiries knows all too well, most callers have already been online prior to calling. They have visited the hotel website, viewed images, seen the cool new drone video, read reviews, and searched rates. Yet there’s still something that has prevented them from booking online just yet and some [...]

How To Maximize Hotel Reservations Conversions

Besides Training: How To Maximize Hotel Reservations Conversions One key ingredient of a successful hotel reservations sales program is to train your team on the contemporary sales tactics needed to covert today’s over-informed, channel-surfing callers. Yet there are other essential components for continuous success on the endless journey to reservations sales excellence. The [...]

7 Trainer’s Tips For Hotel Reservations Sales Success

7 Trainer's Tips For Hotel Reservations Sales Success If you're like most hotel managers, chances are you are highly focused on securing more direct bookings and thus reducing the costs of customer acquisition. If so, here are some train-the-trainer style tips for providing your reservations and/or front desk colleagues with the skills they [...]

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