Reservations Training Articles

Reservations Training Articles

Who ARE Today’s Callers and Why DO They Still Call?

Who ARE Today’s Callers and Why DO They Still Call? (A Video Interview of Doug Kennedy conducted for the HSMAI San Diego Chapter) In this HSMAI San Diego Chapter Q&A session, Doug Kennedy shows you how to turn inbound calls into one of your highest converting channels for direct bookings. Based on over [...]

When They Hear ‘Ring-Ring’ They Think ‘Cha-Ching!’

Condition Your Reservations Team So That When They Hear 'Ring-Ring' They Think 'Cha-Ching!' As Published Previously at Hotel News Resource When you speak with marketing and distribution executives these days, everyone seems obsessed with increasing direct bookings and reducing the costs of customer acquisition. Yet when the phone rings in many reservations departments and [...]

Capture More Revenue From Fewer Calls

How Did The Bartell Hotels' Call Center Capture 7% More Revenue From 11% Fewer Calls? As Published Previously at 4 Hoteliers Founded in 1975, Bartell Hotels is one of San Diego’s oldest and largest independent hotel companies with eight hotels, including six that are branded (from 4 different national brands) and two independents. [...]

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