Sales Training Articles

Sales Training Articles

Six Habitudes of Hotel Sales Success™

As my workshop participants and frequent readers know, I often talk about the new era of “Silent Selling,” where most correspondence is happening via email, app message or text. My recent train-the-the trainer articles have focused on a “tech for touch” approach for hotel sales success, so this month I’m focusing more on [...]

Hotel Sales Negotiating Training, Circa 2020

Hotel Sales Negotiating Training, Circa 2020 As a conference speaker and trainer, I am finding that one of my most requested topics lately is hotel sales negotiating techniques. Based on the initial inquiries received, I get the impression that many hotel leaders still view negotiating as being a separate part of the selling [...]

Hotel Sales Tips From Real-World Meeting Planners

Hotel Sales Tips From Real-World Meeting Planners Insights from interviews with meeting planners include ideas for how hotels can personalize their RFPs and event experiences to boost bookings. The hotel sales environment has changed dramatically in recent years. Anyone in the industry can easily recognize that an ever-increasing number of meeting planners inquire [...]

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