During the “pre-COVID-19” era of hotel sales, too many sales managers have lived in what KTN refers to as the era of “silent selling.” Communication was limited to email exchanges or in-app messaging via CVENT, The Knot, and other online meeting planning platforms. This change has accelerated recently as site tours, networking events and travel trade shows are just not happening. KTN’s private, live, three-part webcam training and coaching program helps put the “people parts” back into the sales process. If the pundits are right, the post-pandemic world is all about personalization and embracing human connections, so “touching” through “tech” will serve your sales team well long after the current crisis.



  • How to use online scheduling tools (like Calendly) to make it easy to connect with prospects for webcam meetings.
  • Adapting traditional, essential sales methods for remote selling mediums.
  • Virtual presentation skills for using webcam and screen sharing on platforms such as Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, RingCentral, etc…
  • How to make and send personalized video email sales messages.
  • Using creative & virtual backgrounds for webcam and video email.

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Part One:

A private, live “one-on-one” webcam training covering the above content and specific “best habits” for selling to remote buyers, tailored to each participant’s level of experience at using the recommended “sales tech” platforms and apps. Consideration is also given to each participant’s prior hotel sales experience, and “sales essentials” are reinforced when appropriate. Immediately afterward, the participant schedules and then prepares for a virtual sales presentation to deliver in a “role-play” format, (using Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc…) with their KTN sales coach. The participant also prepares and sends in advance several examples of how they will use the video email platform.

Part 2:

The participating sales manager then reconvenes within 7 to 10 days for a “role-play” presentation and sales coaching session with the KTN sales coach who then provides immediate feedback followed by written coaching tips.

Part 3:

This final step ensures accountability and the transfer of these sales training concepts into daily sales habits.  The participant uses what they learned with actual sales prospects, forwarding the recordings for a final, live webcam KTN coaching session that takes place about three weeks down the road.  This event is similar to the part two session but based on each hotel salesperson’s actual use of the tools.